Coaching Cards designed to support trained coaches working within organisations or with business and executive clients. These cards are also an ideal way for managers, team leaders and business owners to introduce a coaching approach to the workplace. They are particularly useful for supporting employees who have received some manager-as-coach training.

Coaching Cards for Managers

Fifty-two professional coaching questions to help improve communication between colleagues, enhance your managerial style and create a more effective working environment. Perfect for managers and team leaders looking to easily introduce a coaching approach to the workplace. 

Coaching Cards for Teams

Fifty tried and tested coaching questions to stimulate conversation, improve team relationships and create more effective team working. Ideal for use by managers, team leaders and coaches in team coaching sessions, group work and meetings.

Coaching Cards for Business Owners

Fifty-two questions designed for business owners, managers and directors to help get the most from your company. Great for use in planning and review sessions, these cards are a quick and effective way to work on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your business and to help shape the future to fit with your long term objectives. An essential tool for coaches to use with business clients or for reflection on your own coaching practice.

Coaching Cards for Supervision

Supervision question cards designed to give you time and space to reflect on your coaching work from a variety of perspectives: normative, formative and restorative. Perfect for coaching supervisors or for peer supervision between coaches.